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  • TVETCGC’s motto is Excellence in: Governance, Empowering Leadership, Management, Teaching, Learning, and Community Programmes.


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TVETCGC was established in 2007 as the sole representative for council members in the sector and a champion voice of the public colleges in the country. It negotiates conditions of service for staff in the General Public Service Sector Bargaining Council and Education Labour Relations
Council Bargaining Units.

Its main task in colleges is to deal with governance issues. It engages the Department of Higher Education on national issues that are challenges in the sector. It has a management committee comprising of the chairman, deputy chairman secretary deputy secretary and the treasurer.
Its day to today activities are coordinated by administrators to deal with logistics and general enquiries that affect members. TVETCGC is a national organisation with its Head Office in Centurion.


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    Latest news